Thursday, August 4, 2011

Budweiser can gets face-lift

Today’s Columbia Missourian has an article about InBev stepping up their marketing campaign for their flagship beer Budweiser by introducing a new can.

This would normally be a “Meh- who gives a crap” article for me, especially since I don’t care for Budweiser as a beer (I know…sacrilege here in Mid-MO) and I hate how InBev gobbles up smaller companies and leverages their way through legislation due to their size. HOWEVER, there is an interesting quote in the article -

“But, like many competitors, its sales have suffered in the U.S. as consumers have faced high unemployment. Recent employment trends are particularly hard on its core customers — young men.

The company said last quarter that it had sold 2.3 percent less Budweiser worldwide primarily because of a drop in the U.S.”

While I agree the economy is in the tank, I do question InBev’s statements as to the cause of their loss in sales, especially when almost every Craft Brewer is struggling to keep up with Demand. HERE, HERE, HERE are recent articles to this fact…and if you Google “Craft Beer Sales” in the news section for 2011….there are pages of similar stories.

So, considering the economy is bad….why is that the harder to get, more expensive and better quality beers are having problems meeting the needs of people who have less cash to spend?

My hypothesis is – Due to the current economic situation, people are taking their experiences with craft beers and are going for the “Quality over Quantity” ideal.  This is building upon the already growing movement that brought craft/micro brews into the forefront as it is……and it scares the crap out of InBev, thus their current tactics.

Rather than focusing but their own weak and cheap beer, they resort to gimmicks such as the new can….or worse yet…..this one – a play on our American Flag.  IMG00223

InBev continues to try to connect with  the “Average American Male”, which is funny – because they are not average (they are a multi-billion dollar conglomerate) and they are now not even American Held.  With them, its all smoke and mirrors….and how they can get people to buy the piss they put out. 

Instead of tolerating sub-quality…..demand excellence and back it up with your wallets. 

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