Sunday, May 23, 2010

A blind taste test

As I posted HERE, I really like the new Blackheart Premium Spiced Rum.  Well, yesterday Ably and K came over and we had a blind taste test comparing it to Sailor Jerry and Captain Morgan.

As I set this up, it was amazing to see the color comparisons between the two lesser known and Cpt Morgan.  Blackheart and Sailor Jerry have deep brown/caramel coloring, while Cpt Morgan’s looked like a light tea.

I mixed them up and brought them to Alby, so he could try.

What is funny, he aligned perfectly with me.  Noting the vastly superior flavors in Blackheart, and rating Captain Morgan's dead last (“Weak, like regular rum/Bacardi with a few spices thrown in as an afterthought”).

I now have another convert on the spiced rum front and I feel fairly confident that he either has a bottle at home right now, or will be picking up one in the next few days.

Everyone, if you haven’t tried Blackheart Premium Spiced Rum, you are really missing out…especially this is your niche.

Check it out…you won’t be disappointed.


  1. I wonder how they would compare with Admiral Nelson?

  2. Yeah... taste test complete and I have to concur with Ed's findings; Blackheart is very, very good.

    As Ed stated he lined the three of them up while we played cards. I have to say it was unfortunate that the first one I picked was the Blackheart. It was good... more than good. It was great. Clean and rich vanilla flavor with nearly no burn. I say it was unfortunate because each of the next shots were let downs, each worse than the last.

    Unlike Ed I tend to like to dislike the burn... I much prefer a hint of the alcohol. I like to mix my drinks. Morgan is as stated... like a regular white rum with an afterthought of flavor added.. The Sailor Jerry was one of my favorites, certainly a good rum. But, Blackheart out classes them be a great deal.... smooth and damn tasty.

    I'll add that it blends well with a cola... the ladies tried it but they had more than they liked. Kendra and Debi both dumped the shots into my Coke Zero. Man was it good! LOL... very, very good. That is one that could get me in trouble. As Ed stated, I'll have a bottle soon.


  3. Alby, come out and watch airplanes this weekend, I'll have one waiting

  4. It also pairs great with cigars


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