Friday, May 28, 2010

Whatchoo Talking Bout Willis


Today we learned of the passing of a great child star of the 80’s, Mr. Gary Coleman.

With a career that spanned such classics TV Shows as: Different Strokes, Buck Rogers, Good Times and The Jeffersons (and many others)….you think that would be enough of a success.

But Gary wasn’t finished, he went on to appear is many movies, such as: ….well, none of them really amounted to anything, but he was in Midgets and Mascots that has a frontal nudity shot of him.

He met Mohammed Ali, Nancy Reagan and even ran for Governor of California.

Gary lived a full life, and it is a tragedy that it ended so early.

The Folks over at have a list of some of Gary’s favorite drinks (he seemed partial to Baily’s), so check that out and do as I am….having an Irish Car Bomb in his memory.

Carbomb Drink Recipe
1/2 shot  Irish Cream
1/2 shot  Irish Whiskey
1 pint  Guinness Stout
Combine (proportions of 50/50) Bailey's Irish Cream and Irish Whiskey into one shot glass. Drop the shot into a mug of Guinness and chugg until empty.

RIP Gary….and Cheers

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