Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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Ok, the twitter craze has been going on for some time I know, and I have been trying to figure out how to incorporate it into Smokes & Booze.

Of course, I can do like most people and put in what I am doing….but that can get boring and where is the value add?

But lately I have started posting deals that I stumble across on the net as well, and today I there is a good one and thought I would use it to kick off the twitter Campaign.

Are you looking for some casual “Daily Smoke” cigars, or possibly something to help fill your Humidor without breaking the bank?

Check out the site Corona Cigar Company, they have some great deals….and if you look at today’s tweet, you will find some that are going for less than $1 a stick.  You can’t beat that price.

If you run across some good prices on Liquor or Cigars on the net….just tweet them and throw in @Smokesandbooze and it will tag to us as well.

With this economy, we need to be helping each other as much as possible…we need the few enjoyments in life we can get.

Thanks Corona Cigars for helping out as well.

Smoke’m if you Got’m

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