Saturday, May 29, 2010

RIP Dennis Hopper

First Gary Coleman, now Dennis Hopper.  What is this world coming to?

We all know Dennis from his great portrayals in Easy Rider and Blue Velvet .  He has a more obscure scene with Christopher Walken in True Romance (one of my Top 10 Movies of all time) that I embed below.  I will warn you though, the content is racial and probably one of the best ad-lib scenes in film history.  Definitely NSFW

As great as he was in True Romance, IMO his best performance (and the one he was nominated for an Oscar for) was Shooter in the movie Hoosiers.

Wilbur "Shooter" Blatch is the alcoholic father of one of Coach Normal Dale’s (Gene Hackman) players. During the movie, Shooter is able to use basketball and his relationship with his son, Everett, to dry out and join the team as an Assistant Coach.  Wanting to give confidence to Shooter, Coach Dale has himself thrown from game and  Shooter must step into Dale's shoes….the rest is magic.

Mr. Hopper, you gave us some great moments…..Thank you from the bottom of my movie loving heart.  Now don’t get caught watching the paint dry on your way to Heaven.

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