Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Must have Gadget….I don’t think so.

OK, I’ve been saying this for some time….but you will never catch me shopping at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It’s not my kind of store.  When you think of stores like this, you think of curtains, bedding, gifts that wives buy that they think their husbands will like… in point:

The Cooper Cooler Rapid Blitz Chiller-

You'll never run out of cold beverages again with this chill-on-demand, the Rapid Blitz Chiller. It's easy to set up, too. Just add ice, water and plug in. Its patented chilling process is perfectly safe for carbonated beverages like beer and soda which will not foam over or explode upon opening. Rapidly chill your single-serve cans from 77° to 38° in two minutes and to an ice-cold 33° in four minutes. It will rapidly chill bottles from 77° to 41° in four minutes and to 36° in six minutes. The automatic timer lever with three pre-set times shuts the unit off automatically when done.

So, if I have a warm beer…..I can have it chilled in two minutes….except, what if I have two warm beers?  Or Six?  You see, the fundamental problem of this device is that you can do only one beer at a time.  How stupid is that?  Hell, I would finished with my first one before the second one is done. 

Of course, the makers of the Cooper Cooler Rapid Blitz Chiller (and Bed, Bath and Beyond) know their target audience is wives and girlfriends that really don't know what to buy their husbands.  So they go into the store (or search the website) and think “Hey, Hubby like beer…he will LOVE this”.  BUZZZZZZZZZZ Wrong Answer.

A man likes to have cold beer, yes, but he also likes to share with his buddies or have a constant stream of brew flowing…..not just one wimpy can at a time.

In fact, man would rather do a science experiment like this -

Now he can chill several beers at once, he can do other things besides cylindrical cans (the Rapid Blitz Chiller can’t), has a better understanding of science and can wow his friends……for almost nothing vs the $40 (plus shipping) for an electronic device that will probably not last the summer.

Instead of buying this crap, buy your man a nice bottle of booze or a couple of cigar sticks, have him invite some guys over and let them sit outside farting, joking and cussing…, being men.


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  1. Good tip on chilling beverages, I have always used ice water. I had not thought of adding salt, even though you do use salt when making home made ice cream.


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