Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vivid Vodka

What’s up lately with the Porn Industry getting involved in the liquor business?

<Ed Note- Ok, that is exactly how I typed the first sentence and in editing, I re-read it and laughed at my own joke.  So pun initially not intended, but left in on purpose>

First we have Ron Jeremy getting involved with Ron de Jeremy Rum, and now we have Steven Hirsch, founder and co-chairman of Vivid, introducing Vivid Vodka. 

Your Thoughts Are Not As Pure As Our Vodka - Get Vivid TonightI’m not against this mind you, I think this kind of partying goes hand in hand……in fact, if I were Vivid, I would get Charlie Sheen to be spokesman (and Charlie, if you are reading this….this is an example of why I should be your Intern).

Anyway, it will probably be some time before it makes it to the Midwest, but will look for it in LA next week. While I don’t have a review, here are some promo images, links and newswire story.  The one part I find interesting is the filtering through Coconut Husks…..again, what is up with the unique filtrations going on with Vodka (check out Crystal Head Vodka) .


Vivid Introduces New Vodka in Vegas

LOS ANGELES — White Star Marketing will introduce the new Vivid Vodka at the Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas today.

White Star Marketing CEO & President, C. Samuel Marasco, will be joined by Steven Hirsch, founder and co-chairman of Vivid, at the launch event.

White Star Marketing has licensed the name Vivid to be used in association with vodka and other spirits. Vivid Girls Sunny Leone and Monique Alexander will be available to sign autographs, take photos and explain the premium Vivid Vodka to convention attendees.

The girls will be promoting Vivid Vodka from noon to 5 p.m. today and Wednesday at Booth 1063 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

White Star Marketing said the Vivid Vodka is made from "five-times distilled wheat grain harvested from the Great Plains." The drink is billed as "virtually the cleanest and smoothest in its raw form available today."

Vivid Vodka has been awarded a score of 90 from the Beverage Testing Institute. For more information visit

From the VIVID “About Page

VIVID Vodka is then specially filtered through 12,000 pounds of virgin coconut husks, the freshest, non-regenerated (never mainstream) carbon. Such fastidious, generations-old distillation has proven unexcelled in removing impurities. From here, the spirit is then further micro-filtered to smooth out the peaks and valleys — achieving a vodka of velvety character and crystal clarity that can only be called VIVID.

Finally, check out their custom Swizzle Stick- Where can I get some of these?

Libations - Try Some Out

Visit for more information


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