Friday, March 11, 2011

Meanwhile, in Illinois ….

I swear the subject matter in stories comes in bursts.  Yesterday we had “Porn Day” and today it is about DUIs.

HERE is a story out of Illinois where they are now setting up “No-refusal” DUI Checkpoints.  What does that mean?  It means they have a prosecutor and Judge standing by with “Fill in the blank” search warrants, just waiting for you to say “No”. 

So much for illegal search and seizure.

Below is the breakdown of DUI penalties in Ill.  Notice how it is worse to say “No” than be a 1st time offender.

Testing for DUI

If you refuse chemical testing, the Illinois secretary of state can suspend your license for:

— A minimum of 12 months for a first offender.

— A minimum of three years for a repeat offender.

If you submit to testing and fail:

— A minimum of six months for a first offender.

— A minimum of a year for a repeat offender.

Under 21 with any amount of alcohol under 0.08 percent; also known as zero tolerance:

— A minimum of three months.

For commercial license holders:

— A minimum of 12 months for a first offender.

— Lifetime for a repeat offender.

And as Mike says…..”Meanwhile, down at the Medicinal Marijuana Dispensary....”

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