Friday, March 11, 2011

Help win a contest and YOU could win too

Thompson Cigar Company is having a contest -

TGIF TRIVIA: What would you purchase with your $20 Gift Card? Most "Liked" wins, so invite your friends and win yourself $20 Thompson Bucks!

My answer was -

I would pass the Gift Card to one of my Blog Readers so they could reap the benefits as well

If you are on Facebook, go HERE. If I win and you are one of the “Likers” you get a chance to win it and I will pass the Gift Certificate to you.  First you “Like” Thompson CIgar and then you “Like” my comment (Permalink to the contest is HERE).  2 Clicks could get you $20.

I generate traffic and you get the gift card.  We all win.

Cheers – Ed

Thompson Cigar


  1. Done! Thanks for the opportunity!

    forsurveysonly at gmail dot com

  2. Dunno about the internet, but their direct mail is impossible to get rid of. Never give them your address.

  3. Thompson Cigar? I'm on their list but I just throw it with the rest of the catalogs. What did you find out Jeremy?


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