Thursday, March 10, 2011

Smoking and a Police Report

Sometimes Police Blotters are totally worth reading.

Roberts at first used his right hand to try and break free of the choke hold and was able to twist his head slightly o the side, but then using his right hand, he reached on to the floor and picked up a cigarette, which had been lying next to the toilet.  He placed the cigarette in his mouth and then picked up a lighter.  he ignited the lighter and tried to light the cigarette in his mouth.

HA, the guy was being arrested and decides to smoke a cig during the process.  I love it.

I will warn you, you can read the rest of the police blotter HERE, but it is NSFW (and I do not support what he was arrested for).  I t is a funny read though and definitely worth the time.

Smokm’ if you gottm – we know Jason Paul Roberts is.

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