Friday, March 11, 2011

Another reason NOT to live in California

…as if you needed another.

This time we have the “Roads Safe Act”, which calls for the installation in EVERY new car a device to check the driver’s sobriety.

In the past, if you were convicted of DUI/OUI, you had to place the device in your vehicle at your own expense….but now we have politicians MANDATING that you conduct a sobriety test every time you drive, whether you are a convicted offender or just Joe Citizen.

Imagine if your device is improperly calibrated and you have one beer?  No driving for you.

This is a huge infringement on our rights and a waste of money.  I really do wonder what politician has a vested interest in a company developing such technology?


Alcohol Detectors Could Come Standard With a New Car

It's called "The Roads Safe Act" and opponents claim it's designed to put an alcohol detector in every car, just like an airbag or stereo.

Currently ignition interlock systems are only installed by court order.

Mechanics who work with the Smart Start System say you don't have to be over the legal limit to stall out.

"Normally what they should calibrate it at .03. I believe for most people that's the warning level," said Garrett Benedict, a mechanic.

The device allows six violations, then the car won't start at all.

Experts say it is also set up to make sure drivers don't try to cheat.

"They make you blow into it while you're driving, therefore somebody doesn't blow into it at the bar for you, and then you leave," said Benedict.

The American Beverage Institute has gone on record saying alcohol detectors should only be used for drunk drivers, not everyone.

"This is going to eliminate peoples ability to have a glass of wine at dinner, have a beer at a ball game and then drive home. That's our concern, because that' something we think people should be able to do," states Sarah Longwell of the American Beverage Institute.

The proposed bill would make $60 million available over the next five years to develop new devices, such as technology which would measure blood alcohol content by touching the steering wheel, or even an ignition button.

"I think it’s a great idea. It will keep everybody safe. It'll keep all the alcoholics home," according to Julio Gonzalez, a customer.

But others aren't so sure an alcoholic detector should come standard in every vehicle.

"It probably wouldn't impact me that much because I don't typically drink and drive, but I wouldn't like it," states Teresa Thompson, a customer.

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