Monday, March 7, 2011

San Tam vs Sam Adams

I’m sorry….but this time I totally side with “the Big Corporation”.

beerIn the following story, we learn of San Tam Brewery, which has decided to copy the patented Sam Adams  Beer Glass. 

<I tried one and even gave it a mention HERE>

San Tam pulls out all the clichés

  • “It’s ironic that Sam Adams calls themselves a craft brewery and then goes after a fellow craft brewer”
  • “Each one is hand blown by an artisan, the Sam Adams glass is a machined glass”
  • “Our base is 40 percent larger, our weight of our glass is 78 percent heavier, our volume is 25 percent bigger”
  • “The fact that ours has similarities to Sam Adams I think is coincidental”

How about “We increased the size x25% and totally ripped off the design”. 

Below is the video and you can find the story HERE.  In the end, this is an open and shut case….they ripped of the design and are ignoring the cease and desist.  They will get more business now (which is why I am not back linking) due to the media and in the end, The Boston Beer Company (the GIANT that hold less than 1% of the beer market) will spend tons on defending their intellectual property and Anheuser Busch/InBev laughs all the way to the bank.



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