Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Your Weekly Charlie Sheen

We love Charlie here at S&B and I truly do wish him well.  He brings us so much entertainment and joy….I hope he keeps sticking it to CBS.

Since we are a blog about Smoking and Alcohol, I thought two things were particularly relevant to this crowd-

First, if you happen to be a guest at Charlie’s while he is doing his WebShow, you are offered Candy and Cigarettes….what Charlie, no cigars? <J/K, I think it is awesome>


Secondly, we have Charlie with a Machete and drinking Tiger’s blood.  As long as he is not involved in the Asiansnakewine Fraud….I love it.


TMZ has a video of the event so follow the link if you want to watch


Finally….why do we like Charlie so much?  Because we are WINNERS TOO <Stories HERE and HERE>.  Maybe I should become his new intern?

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