Friday, March 25, 2011

Snoop in the news bout sum Booze

Brought to my attention via Booze News-

Snoop Dogg Accused of Glorifying Underage Drinking

I love these kind of stories.  They are right up there with Mothers who send their children off to war.  The vast majority drinking this (or to go with my example, who are joining the Military) stuff is technically an adult, but not of drinking age. 

In the article, not only do you have crazy quotes such as-

According to Livingston, Snoop's affiliation with the brand is directly related to the injuries reported by numerous college students between of the ages of 17 and 19. The institute reported that over 2 million youth illegally drink alcohol in the state of California, costing the state $7.3 billion a year.

But you have an assertion that the majority of college kids are 17 (when in fact, most are at least 18) and made up statistics that it costs the state of California $7.3 Billion……please.  Let me pull a rabbit out of my ass as well.

Also, I love the word Alcopop….not since Bob Davie butchered the English language on ESPN with Trickeration have I heard a more stupid word.

What I don’t understand is, with liquors on the market such as Everclear (my favorite to mix with Kool-Aide), how can they go after these malt liquor beverages….while at the same time leaving the better tasting stuff such as Mike’s Hard Lemonade or any of the Jack Daniels products off the docket. 

I really hate to pull the race card, but it seems they are targeting the hip-hop market…and that is just wrong.  Not just on the Free market area, but let the consumers decide what they want.  We’ve already proven how effective the federal government can be with the war on drugs.

How about making the drinking age 18 (Old enough for the Military, old enough to drink) and then target enforcement of sales (without trying to entrap Liquor Stores with false IDs).

What’s next, a ban on Candy Cigarettes?  Oh wait….they’ve tried/are doing that, even though I have my highly scientific study right HERE that shows they don’t inspire kids to smoke.

Good Luck Snoop….I might not drink Colt 45 Blast, but I support you 100% in the right to promote it.  Now how about some Gin and Juice?


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