Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I wouldn’t vote for him

Let me introduce you to Alejandro Toledo, Former President and Presidential Candidate in Peru.

Mr. Toledo is currently under a scandal for his purchases of 1753 Bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label from 2001 to 2006 for the Presidential Palace.

While this doesn’t bother me (he’s not my President, and our Politicians spend way more than that on Booze), his comment “I don’t drink Whisky” leads me to believe he can’t be trusted. 

Also, for TommyG…..what a perfect segway for Storytelling tonight at Café Berlin (How much Scotch does it take to kill a Freemason)-

“Who in his sane mind would buy 1,700 and more bottles of whisky?”

Toledo says "I don't drink whisky"

Toledo says “I don’t drink whisky”Presidential candidate Alejandro Toledo said Sunday night that he doesn’t drink whisky in “Cuarto Poder” television program.
“The whole story about the Blue Label was started by Vladimiro Montesinos,” he said.
According to the ex president, the information published by Perú21 last week “is not real” because it has been “manipulated.”
“It’s a bad joke. Who in his sane mind would buy 1,700 and more bottles of whisky? What they have done is to alter receipts,” said Toledo.
He accused president Alan García, once again, of orchestrating the scandal, suggesting he had ordered congressman Javier Velásquez Quesquén to compile information and receipts with the assistance of Luis Nava, secretary of the Government Palace, who is currently under license.
“This is all part of the dirty game during the elections campaign,” said Toledo.
Last Saturday Perú21 published information about a series of expenditures made in the Government Palace, during Toledo’s administration.
According to the receipts published 1,753 bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label were bought between 2001 and 2006, making a total of S/. 540 thousand (around $194 thousand).

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