Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Euphoria Pale Ale (Review)


Today we sample a beer from SKA Brewing, Euphoria Pale Ale. 

Appearance/Color- At two fingers, a little headier than I thought it would be.  The color was a solid gold-amber and the beer settled down rather quickly with no additional carbonation.

Nose- The nose caught me by surprise, with more hoppyness than expects.  It reminded me of a solid IPA vs just a Pale Ale.  The flowery hops and pine undertones were refreshing and I wish I could get this for an air freshener scent.

Taste- Again, this reminded me more of an IPA with the front end hops and pine.  With a citric aftertaste, I found the blends to very harmonious (first time I have ever used that word on the blog).  Malt was slight to non-existent for me, but that is ok….I like my hops.  Considering that it is shipped canned, there was no aluminum taste whatsoever.

Overall, I was pleasantly pleased with this product…..especially since I had low expectations due to it being in a can.  I could easily see this becoming a staple “Light Hops” beer for me and would not be ashamed to pour it for any of my friends.

4 Stars.

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