Saturday, February 5, 2011

Leave my commercials alone

I think I have found the lamest website of all time -

a temperance group that wants to end alcohol advertisement during the Superbowl.  LAME.

The “Winners” are pretty pathetic.  I’ve seen better production value in HS Drama classes.  If I would have known, I would have made my own video, collected the $1000 Prize and thrown a party (meanwhile laughing at Free the Bowl because they fell for my plot).  Maybe next year.

Meanwhile, who is behind Free the Bowl?  Why the Marin Institute….an “Alcohol Industry Watchdog”.

I really love these groups that want to push their values over mine.

Their Vision Statement say -

The Marin Institute envisions communities free of the alcohol industry’s negative influence and an alcohol industry that does not harm the public’s health.

To me, that means they want to get rid of the Alcohol Industry, especially when you read their “Alcohol Harm” PDF.  You see, if the Alcohol Harm PDF is FACT, then the only way you can have an alcohol industry that does not harm the public’s health is to do away with it….you can’t have both.

Of course, I think their statistics are Bullshit and from the same source as MADD (See THIS article that refutes MADD).

They also support higher Taxes on Alcohol (ie Sin Taxes), and justify them with gems such as this-

Research shows that people with higher incomes are actually more likely to drink than those with less disposable income. In addition, a third of the population does not drink at all, while the majority of drinkers consume relatively little. The only people who will be significantly impacted by higher prices are those who consume too much alcohol. In this way, higher alcohol taxes target consumers who cause the most harm, while not hurting the mythological “Joe Six Pack.”

Of course, they are doing all of this for my own good….because I am unable to make a decision myself.  I really really really want to thank you Marin Institute….without you, I might not know what to do.  Maybe I should ask my 8 year old….he’s already figured out that Candy Cigarettes do not contribute to kids wanting to smoke….perhaps he can point me in the right direction for drinking as well.  Hmmmmm……another interview to come soon.

In the meantime, the Superbowl is tomorrow and there is only one advertiser.  If I didn’t want my son to watch the commercials…I would turn it off.  Instead, I think he is already light-years ahead of the idiots at Marin and Free the Bowl….of course, that isn't to hard.

Cheers everyone and enjoy the commercials tomorrow.

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