Monday, February 21, 2011

Coca-Cola and Muslims

As you might recall, recently a picture/photocopy of an only book pertains to reveal the “Secret Recipe” of Coca-Cola.  To me, this is what I affectionately call a Big Whoop Moment…..because who really cares?

Well, apparently a Muslim in Israel does. 

Israeli sues Coca Cola for containing alcohol

The NIS 1.2 billion class action suit claims NIS 1,000 for every Muslim in the country.

20 February 11 16:01, Yossi Nissan

An Israeli Muslim filed a NIS 1.2 billion class action suit against The Central Bottling Company Group Ltd. (the Israel franchisee for Coca Cola) in the Jerusalem District Court today for compensation for mental anguish and infringing the independent choices of the individual.

The plaintiff, an Israeli Muslim, filed the suit following publication on the web last week of what is apparently the secret recipe of Coca Cola, and which allegedly contains alcohol. The class action suit was filed by Advs. Hani Tannus, Ofir Cohen, and Mahmud Machjana.

Alcohol is forbidden by Islam, and the plaintiff cites he has been unwittingly drinking alcohol for years. He therefore claims Coca Cola is guilty of misleading consumers, infringing the independent choices of the individual, and causing huge mental anguish.

The plaintiff says that his class action suit comprises NIS 1,000 compensation for each of the 1.2 million Muslims living in Israel.

The suit said, "This is one of the greatest deceptions in the history of consumer affairs, when a company ignores the existence of alcohol as an ingredient despite being aware that the Muslim world abstains from products like these. This is a very serious matter and it certainly won't be the last in the world in light of the fraud.

I hope this Einstein realizes that the recipe of Coca-Cola has evolved over the years (they don’t put Cocaine in it anymore either) and the stated alcohol is no longer included.  Actually, in thinking about it….I doubt he does. 

To me, this does explain why Coke is such a good mixer with clear liqours….because that was how it was originally intended.

Oh well….good luck on the class action case….but in the end, I’ll take mine with Rum.


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