Friday, February 25, 2011

Don’t be MADD….Be Happy

I absolutely 100% without a doubt despise MADD.  As a general rule, organizations and groups that try to force their beliefs on others don’t sit well with me….and this group is right up there.

From getting their agenda in schools, to “sponsoring” Police Roadblocks, the effort this group puts out is crazy.

Whenever talking about them, I always point to this great article at Modern Drunkard Magazine that highlights how they inflate their numbers.

So, now that you know where I stand……I want to thank Mike for submitting this article. 

Former president of MADD arrested on DUI charge

A former president of the defunct local chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving was arrested recently by the Gainesville Police Department on a DUI charge.

Debra Oberlin, 48, was arrested after she had difficulty on a field sobriety test. She registered a .234 and .239 on breath alcohol tests. Florida's legal limit for driving is .08.

Oberlin, a Realtor, had no comment when contacted Thursday by The Sun.

On Feb. 18 at 1:10 a.m., an officer spotted Oberlin driving erratically on Northwest 19th Street, swerving and crossing lanes, an arrest report states. Oberlin was pulled over in the 3600 block of Northwest 39th Avenue.

The officer wrote that Oberlin smelled of alcohol and had watery, bloodshot and dilated eyes. The report states that Oberlin told the officer she had four beers.

Gainesville's MADD chapter existed for several years in the 1990s before closing in 1996 because of lack of financial support. Oberlin was the chapter president for three years.

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