Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From Russian Spy to Russian Vodka

Anna Chapman Biography Anna Chapman BiographyYou might recall Anna Chapman, the hot Russian spy who was part of the “Illegals Program” of sleeper agents here in the US.  If not, all you have to do is Google the name and check the pics. 

Anyway…after her trying to shopping around a $25K interview, having her British Passport pulled and posing for the cover of Russian Maxim….it appears she is now behind a line of Russian Vodka.  Why doesn’t she just do porn and get it over with?

Anna Chapman registers name as trademark for 'Russian spy vodka'

Chapman registered for the trademark back in August and, according to a report from Russian daily Komsomolskaya Pravda, she could be on the verge of bringing out a brand of vodka.

As many as eight lines of merchandise were mentioned in the application, including a clothing line and watches, the report adds.

'Maybe she wants to open the "Anna Chapman" dry-cleaner or make cookies,' official Nikolai Kravtsov told Reuters.

However, it has been suggested the trademark could be contested by her ex-husband Alex.

Ms Chapman came to the public's attention last year when she was deported back to Russia as part of a prisoner swap, along with nine other sleeper agents, in exchange for a ring of US agents working in Russia.

Since then, Agent '90-60-90' as she is known in some Russian newspapers due to her measurements, has become something of a celebrity.

She posed in revealing lingerie for Moscow's Maxim magazine and had a sing-a-long with prime minister Vladimir Putin.

The 28-year-old also hosts a weekly television show, The Mysteries of Anna Chapman, which had promised to reveal all her secrets.

However, the first episode focused on a baby in Dagestan who has skin marks which are said to resemble Koranic verses.

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