Friday, February 18, 2011


There were two stories in the news this week that involved Twitter -

First- We have Tweet of the Day (Courtesy of the Red Cross)-

Tweet of the Day

 Dogfish Head Brewery made a meme out of the hashtag #gettngslizzerd, asking people to donate. And donate they did: “After I drop off a pint of blood to the @RedCross, I’m replacing it with a pint of @dogfishbeer #gettngslizzerd,” tweeted @ereed812.

Second was regarding Rahm Emanuel and someone else using a name similar to his (!/MayorEmanuel) on Twitter.  Whoever it is is HILARIOUS and I am now following it as well (two words – Gin Jacuzzi)

Rahm Emanuel offers $2,500 to fake Twitter author

Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel is offering a reward if the person behind a fake Twitter account poking fun at him comes forward.

Emanuel says he'll donate $2,500 to the charity of choice for the author of @mayoremanuel, a hilarious send up of the former White House chief of staff's campaign travails that comes complete with all the expletives in his arsenal.

The account was set up before Emanuel was kicked off, then reinstated on the Chicago ballot. It has thousands of followers -- more than Emanuel's real Twitter account, according to The Hill, a newspaper that covers Congress.

Emanuel made his offer on WLS radio yesterday -- exactly one week before the Feb. 22 election

Finally, if you use Twitter, you can follow Smokes and Booze  (!/smokesandbooze) and Randy at MySideoftheBar (!/MySideofTheBar) .  If you have a favorite Twitter Tweeter – place them in the comments section below.


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