Thursday, February 17, 2011


Ok, I stumbled onto an interesting website today.

Master of Malt is a company that has been around since 1985 as a brick and mortar and have since jumped into the Web with both feet.

Looking at their site, they have it all, which is great for me…as a guy stuck in the middle of nowhere MO.  As an example- More than 30 different styles/ages of Laphroaig.  Talk about a tasters dream.

Not only do they have a broad selection, they also have some great history/trivia on each distillery. 

Master of Malt 25th Birthday CelebrationsWhile the above two items would make any vendor a viable candidate for my business….it’s the fact that for a large number of their products, you can buy samples. Prices can vary based on the product ($5 to $150 for 30ml), you still get a chance to try some of the rarest and finest whiskies of the world.

How about we all pick one to start and have a group review (virtually)?  Who’s in?  THIS is my vote.

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