Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stupidity in the news

Today we have to stories that just show how “out of touch” we have become in this day and age.

First we have parents of Tracy Hottenstein, who have filed lawsuits against everyone they can think of with regards to their 35 year old daughters death.

You see, Tracy was found in Sea Isle City Bay in February 2009.  The coroner ruled she died accidentally from hypothermia and acute intoxication.  This is a tragedy, but whatever lead her to be in the bay at night was her decision….as she is well beyond the legal age of 21.  However, her parents have decided to go after 19 defendants, including -

  • The owners of two bars she was at on the night she died
  • The couple who invited her to dinner at their home that evening. The hospital where she died
  • The doctor who pronounced her dead
  • The Sea Isle City Police Department
  • Individual officers who — the suit claims — did not allow rescue workers to perform lifesaving treatment for hypothermia after they discovered Hottenstein had no pulse.

All this is due to the annual “Polar Bear Plunge” (which she did not participate in), and the alleged fact that the this is a state-created danger. 

Face it folks, your precious little snowflake is taking a dirt nap for making a poor decision.  Grieve, mourn or do whatever you need to do, but get over it. 

The Second Story is in regards to a can of unopened beer being found on a school bus.  I am personally torn on this story, and would love to hear other’s feedback.  While I can see this was a stupid idea on the bus drivers part, is it worth ruining the guys life?  I doubt it.  In particular, when I lived in Columbia, I used to see buses parked at Walmart and HyVee all the time.  These were bus drivers using buses for personal use, which was allowed under their contract.  So, if they do shopping…is there a restriction list on what they can buy and transport?  Is this school district going to search all the bus drivers for cigarettes (also a legal product and “dangerous to children”)? 

The key phrases here are-

“There’s no state law that prohibits a school bus driver from transporting alcohol on a bus, [although] it’s certainly a violation of most policies,” Scott said this week.

After being advised of the incident, Lane said, she checked with six superintendents in the state and discovered that none of their districts’ policies really addressed such a situation.

“I was surprised when I was seeking guidance and counsel from other folks [that] people didn’t have anything in writing,” she said.

Little Johnny and Tiny Suzy have surely seen beer before.  I’m sure they have been in a vehicle with beer as well.  To me, this is a non-issue, but it will only be a matter of time before the lawsuits fly.

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