Friday, February 4, 2011

Congrats to Glengoyne and no surprise for Chivas

Just a few days ago, I blogged about how pretentious Chivas can be, especially with the their $2200 66 Gun Salute BLENDED Scotch.  Well now we know the kind of people that drink Chivas.  Meanwhile, after the bump is another article that gives a shoutout for Glengoyne 40 Year- Awarded Ultra Premium Dram.  So who do you trust?  Whisky Experts or 345 Chinese U.S Dollar Millionaires?  If I had the $$$, I know where mine would go.  Great Job Glengoyne.

Unit making fake premium brands of scotch whisky unearthed

New Delhi, Feb 4 (PTI) Delhi Police today claimed to have unearthed a unit making fake premium scotch whisky and arrested six persons, including a former MNC bank employee, besides seizing over 150 bottles of alcohol. The six men had been selling fake premium scotch whisky brands like Johnny Walker, Black Label and Chivas Regal to parties in farm houses and to individuals as genuine scotch whisky for Rs 30,000 for one carton (12 bottles). "We have unearthed a manufacturing unit, the press which printed counterfeit stickers and labels of various premium brands of scotch whisky, machines used for making fake caps of bottles, a large number of empty bottles of premium scotch whisky," a senior police official said. The arrests came after the police received information about the sale of fake scotch whisky and that one person would come to Rohini Sector-9 on January 30. Vinod Dua (45) was arrested from there allegedly with 84 bottles of fake scotch whisky. Dua told the police that he purchased those bottles from one Sudhir Yadav (36), a graduate and former employee of an MNC bank who was later arrested from Sarita Vihar allegedly with 36 bottles. Following Yadav's arrest, raids were conducted at his flat in Sarita Vihar resulting in unearthing of a manufacturing unit for making fake premium scotch whisky brands. Mohd Nazim (28) and Raju, scrap dealers who supplied empty bottles of scotch whisky along with cartons, were also apprehended. The next to be arrested was Narender Chopra (60) who allegedly provided fake caps of various premium brands and fake stickers and labels of premium brands of scotch whisky. He was apprehended from Geeta Colony and a raid at his premises yielded machines used for making fake stickers. Sushil Mittal (40) was arrested following questioning of the others. Yadav had left his job and for the last 3 years, he has been running the unit from his flat in Sarita Vihar. "Yadav spent about Rs 7,200 to prepare 12 bottles of scotch whisky. In order to manufacture fake scotch whisky, Yadav mixed Bagpiper with Signature whisky in proportion of 75 per cent and 25 per cent to prepare his brew," he said. He allegedly sold 12 bottles to Vinod Dua for Rs 13,200. Chopra, who used to provide Yadav with fake bottle caps and stickers of various premium brands of scotch whisky, has been manufacturing counterfeit caps and stickers and labels for the last 15 years. Each cap along with sticker was sold for Rs 100 to Yadav. Dua was a property dealer and suffered heavy losses due to bad investments. For the last three years, the official said, he has been selling fake scotch whisky and with his earnings he had recently purchased a luxury car. Mittal, who works as a partime accountant, sold fake scotch whisky for the parties at farm houses and to individuals and charged them Rs 30,000 for one carton of 12 bottles.

Glengoyne 40 Years Old Highland the premium dram

Connoisseurs from one of the UK’s largest and most prestigious whisky events, The Whisky Show, have named Glengoyne 40 Years Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky as the Ultra Premium Dram of 2010.

Competing against over 20 luxury whiskies currently available in the global marketplace retailing from a minimum of £300, Glengoyne 40 Years Old was selected as the pinnacle dram that best captured the distiller’s art.
Praised for its “sweet, complex” and “oily texture”, it was noted that the malt had remained “superbly balanced” and velvety smooth, without being overpowered by its 40 years of contact with the cask.
Event Director, Graeme Wallace commented: “To evaluate and settle on which expression was the best of the very best is always going to be extremely hard, with every Ultra Premium Dram being of the highest magnitude, reflecting the finest whisky available today.
“For a whisky to top this category and win the Ultra Premium Dram Award is no easy achievement and should in no way reflect negatively on the runners up. It was a very close call but Glengoyne 40 Years Old was a very worthy winner.”
Iain Weir, Marketing Director for Ian Macleod Distillers added: “We are thrilled with this result. It is testament to the Glengoyne team’s craftsmanship and skill that the 40 Years Old has succeeded in winning this very prestigious title against such a high calibre of entrants.
“The 40 Years Old Single Malt captures the pure essence of Glengoyne and its exceptional, un-peated ‘Real Taste of Malt’. It is a joy to open the highest quality sherry casks after four decades and find such great balance between malt and Still. It doesn’t get any better than this.”
Owned by independent, family-owned company Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd, Glengoyne distillery has been producing whisky in the Trossachs for over 175 years. With a highly selective cask policy, Glengoyne is also distilled slower than any other single malt Scotch whisky. Using air-dried malted barley, rather than pungent peat smoke, the distillery nurses the spirit through its stills at around one-third of the normal rate, creating a more subtle, complex whisky.
Only 250 bottles of the limited edition Glengoyne 40 Years Old have been produced, retailing domestically for £3,750. The whisky is presented in a hand-blown bespoke crystal decanter and stitched leather and solid oak presentation box.
Glengoyne 40 Years Old has been described by Michelin star chef Michel Roux Jnr, as “simply sensational".

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