Monday, June 25, 2012

Picture Pages

How odd is it that I still sing this song to myself?

Anyway, this inspired me to put up some old pictures from my phone that I’ve taken lately but either didn't justify an entire post or that I have been lazy about -

Lets start off with my recent trip to New Orleans

AbsintheTequila Bar NOLaCigar 1Cigar 2Bourbon1Bourbon2NOLa 1





Meanwhile, JP took me to a place called THE SHED – talk about in the middle of nowhere and an unusual place.  Some of you will get the PBR joke.

Shed 1Shed 2Shed 3

Lets talk advertisement for a minute. 

The first three show different types of Advertisement that is in our face every day – yet there is no restriction.  Yet, we still have Age Verification on websites and twitter.  Hypocrisy at its best.  The 4th picture is just funny (to me).


How about a couple of wine pics?  The first is a stopper someone sent my wife.  If you knew Debi, you would understand that she is addicted to shoes.  Secondly is the wine setup when we volunteered for the CoMO Wine and Food Sip and Shop.  It was a lot of fun, and if you have never been – I would highly recommend.

ShoeWine and Food

The last two – I was torn which to post, so I did both.  In the first, we have James hitting his first Bullseye while we played (steel tip) darts at 44 Stone.  He was so proud.

The second – well, that will be one he is less proud of later in life – so why not put it out there now Winking smile

James BullseyeJames Lion

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