Friday, June 22, 2012

Perennial Mint Chocolate Stout

Have you ever watched a perfect game pitched in Baseball? I have seen the ending of several, but only watched one from start to finish.  To see the amount of work and effort that goes into it – everyone firing on all cylinders and everything having to be just right.  When it happens, its a thing of beauty.

When paired with 44 Stone’s Mint Chocolate Lamb, Brewmaster and Chef become a pitcher and catcher pitching that perfect game.

Mint Stout

  • Appearance – A hearty glass of darkness
  • Nose- A dry chocolate and mint combination that took me back to eating Andes as a kid.
  • Taste –  Not as up front minty as I expected, the flavor instead blends seamlessly with a smooth and creamy coco flavour.
  • Food Pairing – Fennel, Coriander and Stout braised Leg of Lamb, Goat Cheese Gnocchi, Crisp Fried Carrots

Does it work?  After calling it a perfect game – what do you think?  This was probably the most delicious course I have had since the 5 Star restaurant in Belgium…..and when paired with the stout, it verged upon sublime.  I think Mark really took a chance with such a challenging dish (when he could have gone the easy  route and served with dessert) and the payoff was perfect. 

Meanwhile, to take a beer to the next level by combining two flavors on top of a stout is another testament to Phil’s growing ability.  Even at 9.3% Alcohol, I didn’t notice and impact and this is a highly drinkable beer.  

Sadly, this a seasonal  and not widely available, as I would buy this beer and have it around all the time if I could find it.

This pairing alone was worth price of admission – and I tip my hat to both parties.

A Rock Solid 5 out 5 …..well done.MugMugMugMugMug

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