Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fun at the Grocery Store

Another late night has lead to some interesting pictures – so today Boys and Girls, we are going on a Field Trip to the STORE

I guess the old saying is true – Candy is Dandy, but Liquor is quicker (as quoted from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)


Another old saying is “Drink’m Pretty”

Health and Beauty

Finishing up with our “Sayings” – This one plays to something I say all the time – A Steak in Every Glass


Living in CoMO, here is a sign I am shocked doesn’t appear at least once a year -



I bet you wonder where I get my Super Human Abilities – Wonder no more.

Power Drinks

It is true, I once played Santa Claus for a bunch of little kids in Germany, but even I had the decorum not to do so in the Liquor Section.


And, in the spirit of Christmas -


I know I have run this one several times, but I took it myself and I just cant stop laughing that their new beer went instantly On Sale – even in podunk Ashland Mo


Finally – Another one that I have run before, but at least this one has a message.  With the 4th of July and the Olympics coming up – Please visit RaiseOurFlag.Org and buy a stitch.  I get it, times are tough – but our Olympians are busting their asses to help represent the USA.  Our country needs a Miracle – much like it did during the Winter Olympics back in 1980, maybe (with our help) we can get another one.


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