Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Quick Hits


First off - Hahahaha – Who (besides me) saw this coming?  And Heineken?  Really? 

Londoners unhappy over cost of beer at Olympics

Excerpt - A pint of Heineken will cost 7.23 pounds or just over $11. Tweets complained that the price was "a shocker." Another said, "I'm going to need a credit card to pay for that!!"


With all the different local beers, people will be drinking Heineken? It must be due to the upcoming James Bond Movie (see what the Original Bond has to say about THAT)

When will the taxation stop?  Just a few weeks ago, Illinois was raising the tax on tobacco products, Missouri is thinking about doing the same and now California has put the proposition before the people.  Why do they make this a voting proposition?  Because theysmoketoon know that if they just passed the law (like they do 99% of the other laws) it would be unfavorable – but if they pick on a politically correct target, then they stand a chance to gain a windfall of cash that they can wistfully spend.  Am I the only one that finds it ironic, that in California- you can buy medical marijuana…..but, because it needs a prescription there is no tax.  Yet if you smoke a legal substance they bend you over.  Funny isn't it?

How about a little WTF for a Monday?

Zimbabwe water resources minister says reservoir project being held up due to mermaids

Excerpt -Sam Sipepa Nkomo told a senate committee in Zimbabwe that a major water project is being delayed because mermaids inhabit the reservoirs. And the only way to get rid of them is to brew traditional beer.


Mermaids?  Next thing you know, you will tell me they are buying $11 Heineken.  Ummm, never mind.  Nothing to see here – Move along citizen.

Finally, there is a website I troll – called Instructables.  It’s a website that teaches you how to do this and that, but a recent article caught my eye – HOW TO MAKE MOONSHINE.  It’s pretty basic, and an interesting read, but for my money– I would stick with FoxFire Book 1

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