Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Better Late than Never - Happy Birthday Bourbon

Ok, I dont know how I missed this one – well, actually I do…..I was in London and my blogging was put on hold, but anyway -

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOURBON and Thank You Reverend Craig-

Happy Birthday, Bourbon!

The Reverend Elijah Craig, a pioneering Baptist preacher, is generally recognized as the inventor of corn-based bourbon. In roughly 1789, Craig founded a distillery in Kentucky. On June 14 of that same year, it is said, he became the first person to age distilled, corn-based whiskey in charred oak casks in this distillery. This is the very process that gives bourbon it's reddish color and distinctive taste.

Craig's distillery was based in the territory known as Bourbon County, from which bourbon whiskey takes its name, as American whiskey authority Charles Kendrick Cowdery noted in The Bourbon County Reader in 1996:

"By the time Bourbon County was formed in 1785, there were dozens if not hundreds of small farmer-distillers making whiskey throughout the region… Ultimately, most of the corn-based whiskey made west of the Alleghenies was called 'bourbon', to distinguish it from the rye-based whiskies that predominated in the East."

Elijah Craig

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