Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Monday Quick Hits on Wednesday

Sorry everyone, still catching up from my past two trips that were back to back – but I didn’t these stories to be lost in time.

Lets start out with some news of an ever expanding distiller, as Beam Completes Acquisition of Pinnacle Vodka.  This is pretty big news, and Beam Distilleries continues to expand.  While not at Inbev levels – I do wonder what the impact on craft distilleries will be as this becomes the norm in the industry.

burgerFrom the “Religion of Peace” we learn why is sucks to live in the Middle East - Two Iranians Sentenced to Death for…Alcohol Consumption

Meanwhile, in the US – we coin the phrase Breast-raunt

How about a few stories on Wine? 

First off we learn that Two glasses of wine a day improves quality of life for middle-aged.  Now if we can just get a study that says two shots of bourbon is good for you….life would be excellent.

Secondly –we have 11 Reasons Beer Is Better Than Wine.  I would like to add one more – Beer JOUSTS better:beer vs wine


Finally, when you fall of a railroad bridge - Alcohol is believed to be a factor in the accident.

Now that I am getting back into swing – look for more consistent Monday Quick Hits in the future.


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  1. The top picture is also from an article that references my favorite word now - Breastraunt. It combines two of my other favorite words.


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