Monday, June 11, 2012

Drunk in Star Trek

I’m a fan of Star Trek.  Obviously not as much as I am of Star Wars, but its up there for me as an influence of my youth – and I enjoy episodes and movies from time to time.

Tonight, I am watching Star Trek First Contact.

Boy, has this movie not aged well.

Actually, the movie wouldn’t be bad – if they cut out all the scenes from Earth, except for the end when Zephram Cochran first goes into warp, and just stuck with the Borg story – Then its actually pretty good.

Why are those aforementioned scenes so bad, because they take two of the series’ weakest actors (Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis) and let them run half of the movie.  Considering they are then forced to act along James Cromwell (who’s best acting credit could be in the movie Babe) and this spelled trouble from word go.

Which brings me to the scene that just irks me to no end about the movie – the Earth Bar Scene

This scene is absolutely horrible and does ZERO to advance the plot.  Instead it is just filler.

Compare that to the scene from TOS (The Original Series), where Scotty engages one of the Kelvins -

While James Doohan was never a great actor- he embraced his role, acted it well and the scene is important and moves the episode forward.

While the writers of TNG (The Next Generation) got it mot of the time, once they started putting out movies – it went down hill quickly. 

If only they could have expanded on the rest of the movie, instead of wasting screen time on this tripe – it could have kickstarted a much better series of flicks.

Am I off base here?

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