Friday, June 22, 2012

Perennial Homefront India Pale Ale Review

Before I get into this particular beer, I want to touch on the back story a bit.

Homefront IPA is a collaborative beer effort started by Seattle Mariner Pitcher Chris Ray (also a craft brewer), where the proceeds go to Operation Homefront -


Yes, you heard that right – each batch ages three days with maple Louisville Slugger bats, bats that Perennial say they plan to put up for auction. 

Of course, here at S&B – we love and support our troops world wide, and as a veteran myself…I applaud the efforts of Chris and all the breweries involved.

Now, all gimmicks aside – how was the beer?

  • Homefront IPAAppearance – Cloudy Burnt Orange
  • Nose- Not an IPA for the hopheads out there, still – nice up front pine and floral hoppyness
  • Taste – not as overpowering as some, this IPA was more subdued and mellow, but in a good way.  I almost wish that I didn't know about the bats until after I tried it – because it might have planted a subliminal message in my head for a woody taste.  An excellent blend of Chinook and Cascade hops that led to a very drinkable beer.
  • Food Pairing – Sushi grade Ahi Tuna tartare with cumin and sea salt, lime creme fraiche, avocado, corn tortilla, shaved red cabbage and HOMEFRONT IPA & Honey Pickled jalapenos.

Did it work? – This is one of the times beer seemed to work better than the food.  I am partial to IPAs, so pairing is not as important.  While the food was good (and seemed to pair well) just having this beer and a big bowl of the pickled jalapenos would have been enough.  I was ready to watch some baseball.  Also, Debi really enjoyed this beer – which is unusual for her, as she is not an IPA fan.  I think this speaks to the mellowness and thought put into the recipe and highlights the drinkability.

An excellent beer that supports a outstanding cause.

Solid 4 out of 5 - MugMugMugMug

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