Friday, June 22, 2012

Perennial Southside Blonde Review

Southside Blonde is considered one of Perennial’s flagship beers, and is only available at the St. Louis Brewery, therefore it was  treat to get a keg brought into CoMO for the tasting.

  • Southside BlondeAppearance – A crystal clear pale yellow
  • Nose- Grainy Wheat and floral
  • Taste – Crisp mouthfeel with lemony hints
  • Alcohol Content – 5.5%
  • Food Pairing – House made Brioche, Tarragon Whole Grain Mustard, Camembert Cheese, Soft Egg, Blond Ale Bechamel, House Cured, Smoked and Peppered Berkshire Bacon.

Did it work?- Absolutely.  The food was excellent (one of many 44 Stone should have on the menu) and the dry finish countered well the mustard and peppery-ness of the bacon.  This was a very good setup beer – light and refreshing, that didn't overpower the delicate eggs and work well to cleanse the palette leading into the next course.

Overall, a very passable Blonde that would go well with any hot summer day or a Sunday Bruch (which this course seemed like).

For me- 3 out of 5 but could be a solid 4 for a fan of the style.


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