Thursday, June 16, 2011

U.S. Naval Aviation 100th Anniversary Decanter

Here at Smokes and Booze, we love Pusser’s Rum (Check HERE).  It’s a fantastic rum, steeped in Naval tradition and has an excellent presentation. 

They also produce commemorative and specialty decanters…all of which are top notch and look great. 

I think they have outdone themselves this time. 

Today they announced pre-orders for their “U.S. Naval Aviation 100th Anniversary Decanter” and I must say…WOW.

Great artwork abounds on this piece.  What a great gift for any current/former Naval Aviator (I can never say that without hearing Lou Gosset Jr’s Voice, check the :55 Second Mark ) or Military Collector.

Go to the Pusser’s Website for more information.

Great Job guys.



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