Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beer and Mosquitos

I don’t buy this one.

First, the light clothing bit.  I do know for a fact that honeybees sting darker colors more than lighter colors….but they also don’t come out at night.  To think that mosquitos have such keen sight at night is kinda odd, especially since the majority of creatures are colorblind in the dark.  Perhaps its because they can make out an outline better….but I can debunk that with all the bites I got on FTXs and Field Exercises in the Army. 

As to being more attracted to beer drinkers, are you serious?  Someone paid for this study?  Where do I sign up?


Less beer may be key to fewer mosquito bites

NEW YORK - New research on mosquito bites reaffirms some widely-known ways to avoid being bitten and shines a light on a few new ones.

MSNBC's The Body Odd blog says the latest research points to wearing light colored clothing as a way to avoid the itchy bites. They say mosquitoes spot targets first by sight, then by smell. So, a person wearing dark-colored clothing and moving a lot will attract a lot of unwanted attention from the bugs.

The research also says mosquitoes are more attracted to someone who is drinking beer, but scientists are not sure why. People with higher metabolic rates will also be bitten more often because they produce more carbon dioxide.

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