Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Pizza” and Beer

Ahhhh….the joys of parenthood, where you mandated by all that is holy to take your children (and if you are doing some type of penance, other people’s kids too) to Chuck E. Cheese.

I will go on record to say that I am not a fan of C.E.C..  I think the pizza is crappy and overpriced, the games are worn out and old, and usually the place is far to crowded to even remotely enjoy yourself.  That being said, I would do anything for my son, and when he was younger….he liked going there.

As a parent, the only other upside (than seeing the smile on James’ face) was the ability to have a beer or two while my quarters were going up in smoke.

I actually went to the CoMO C.E.C. before they got their liquor license, and to say it was agonizing is an understatement.  By taking away the only thing that countered the chaos brought on by OTHER people’s kids, someone should be in jail for what could be considered inhumane and against the Geneva Convention.  Seriously, I can tolerate my own kid’s screaming (because if it gets out of control, I can reign him in)….but when there are 75 other families that can’t control theirs….it drives me nuts.

Even with me despising C.E.C. (we are Dave and Buster fans, who also BTW serve beer AND liquor), I do side with them in that I really doubt many of the fights are due to alcohol.  Cramped quarters and the ‘competition” to get the most tickets drives these people insane….not the beer.

In the end, if these parents do not like that C.E.C. serves alcoholic beverages ….GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!


Pearland parents protest Chuck E. Cheese's liquor license application

BRAZORIA COUNTY, Texas – A family restaurant near Pearland is applying for a liquor license and several parents aren’t happy.
Wendy Heath is formally challenging the permit that Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza, in the 3100 block of Silverlake Village Drive, recently applied for.
"It's just not right," she said. “I'm sure as parents we can survive two to three hours without a drink. It's not necessary."
Heath is concerned with parents potentially drinking and driving as well as increased rowdiness within the popular family restaurant. Videos on show fights captured on cell phones at Chuck E. Cheese’s across the country. In 2008, a Michigan location temporarily stopped alcohol sales after a public outcry following several fights.
“I believe that there's a time and a place for alcohol consumption,” said Jamie Newman, another mother who regularly visits the restaurant with her kids. “And an establishment that markets itself (with the slogan) 'Where a Kid Can Be a Kid' is not the place."
But the chain said those fights weren’t tied to alcohol.
"A lot of parents appreciate the opportunity to have an adult beverage, so we just like to give them that choice," said Brenda Holloway, a Chuck E. Cheese’s spokesperson.
Holloway added that 70 percent of the restaurant’s locations offer beer or wine.
Some customers argue it’s a way to enjoy themselves while their kids have fun.
"Most pizza places have beer and wine,” said Janice Smelley. “Adults need a beverage too."
Lt. Mark Menn, with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, said the county judge will now decide whether to grant the permit. No date has been set for the hearing.

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