Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Old Whiskey River

Today’s review is for Old Whiskey River, a bourbon purported to have been chosen from batches and blended to the specs of Willie IMG00124Nelson himself.

My friend Rex had a bottle of this at one point, and when I asked him about it….he could only recall the name.  This did not bode well for my samplings.


Color – Dark Amber

Nose – A sweet vanilla and caramel front with oak undertones.  

Taste – Pepper and oak merge with a heavy alcohol burn.  Cutting with water eased the burn, and opened up the flavor a (very) little bit, allowing a sweetness to work it’s way  into the taste.

Finish – A long medicinal finish coupled with the “Burn” aftertaste.  A slight hint of licorice was detected along with lingering woody elements.

Score – 2.5 Stars out of 5

Overall, this bourbon was “Ok”.  Nothing to WOW you or to write home about.  I think it is a little overpriced , although on sale at DrinkUpNY, but drinkable. 

An interesting novelty whiskey (which includes a guitar pick on the neck of the bottle) that would be good for a Country Music fan, but totally lost on anyone else. 

With so many good bourbons on the market, My advice would be to pick up a bottle Buffalo Trace or Elijah Craig and really enjoy yourself.

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  1. This stuff tastes like a cigar... a very odd flavor for me. And the more you drink it the stronger the flavor gets. Made it a hard bourbon to drink.


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