Friday, June 17, 2011

With Father’s Day coming up….

I thought I would throw a few suggestions out there.  First, stay away from the mass-market sellers like Red Envelope, and do a little research. Know the person you are buying for.

Red Envelope style retailers are usually focused on a perceived notion, ie- a woman’s idea of what a man wants vs asking your male significant other (or his male friends) what he would like.  By doing that a little research, he will appreciate more the gift and probably cherish longer.  A great example of a poor gift can be found HERE.

That being said, if Dad IS into Beer, Scotch or Cigars….here are some suggestions -

If he likes….

Beer – Take him to your local Brew Pub for lunch (if you are in CoMO, I suggest Flatbranch). Don’t have a good microbrewery, Beer Bouquet is an excellent alternative.

Scotch – I always suggest supporting your local shops, but Masters of Malt is to great to ignore. Not only is their selection unprecedented (not just with whiskies), but they even offer the opportunity for samples on many of their product lines. Let Dad indulge and sample something exotic.

Cigars – There are tons of Cigar specialists out there. Stop by your local shop. For example, if you are in Columbia MO, George at the Nostalgia Shop is a great resource and would never steer you wrong (plus they have a great liquor selection). If you don’t have a local shop, call one of the online retailers (such as Thompson Cigar ) who can help you out and answer any questions you may have.

In the end, with no disrespect intended towards Moms, Father’s Day is a lot different than Mother’s Day.  Dads are more laid back and just a quiet day watching a movie (I always liked watching Big Jake with Dad, but movies like Finding Nemo or Field of Dreams work too).  Pop him beer and let him put his feet……he will definitely appreciate it.

BTW – Here’s to you Dad.  I miss you tons.


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