Wednesday, June 1, 2011

World Leaders and Drinking

I’ve sat on this one for a couple of days, mostly due to a lot of stuff going on at work and the Memorial Day weekend.

Now that that is over, I thought I would touch on a few recent articles about “World Leaders Drinking”.

The first was sent as a suggestion by TommyG – Highlighting the fact that President Obama at least drank the Guinness while in Moneygall Ireland.  Now, if you were following along, you would know my disdain for the Queen of England due to her snub while touring the Guinness Brewery (HERE), so I have to give credit where credit is due.  I personally am not an Obama backer, and I honestly think he is trying to connect with Irish American voters after his fiasco with Israel.  That being said, at least he manned up and drank it, and that is 1/2 the battle.

This leads into his next stop of the trip, London, where he dined with the aforementioned Queen of England.  It was there that they sat back and sipped some $1700 wines.  I’m just glad it finally came out of someone elses budget (instead of ours) for a change.  Of course, just when you applaud Barry for doing something right (stick with Guinness), he does a pretty big OOOOPS -

Even I know you don’t speak during “God Save the Queen”.  In fact, you shouldn’t open a toast with the nobility’s title….that comes at the end.  Also, with no teleprompter… was pretty apparent he was looking at notes.  Again….stick with Guinness.

Finally, we have another submission from TommyG, this time a link to a Slideshow of World Leaders Drinking.

imageMy favorite is the one with former President Clinton.  Not because of the picture itself, but the fact that he is in a place called the “Golden Tiger Club”.  If I were going to take Bill anywhere…it would be so named and would have strippers.  I wonder if he has a cigar tucked away somewhere?

Keep your submissions coming.  I might be a little late running them, but we love to hear from you.  Thanks again TG and check you FB Email….I sent you a message.

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