Monday, June 13, 2011

Three Bourbon Reviews from Randy

Randy and I both have a love for Bourbon.  We had crossed paths in the past at a tasting or two and when we met later in life, it only rekindled our love for American Whiskey. 

Randy writes his own blog (MySideoftheBar), but he also guest writes for us from time to time.  I always welcome his opinion and trust his tastes 100%.

Please enjoy his three bourbons below.

Thanks Randy……and Cheers

Four Roses Yellow Label
Price: $15.00 - $19.004 roses
Color: Very light caramel color
Nose: Sweet and smooth with a very distinctive Bourbon flair. This could be due to being only 80 proof.
Taste: Very smooth on both the tongue and finish. Sweet fruit like taste, but very light. The website says a little hints of spice, but I do not get that. However if you have a Cigar with this Bourbon it takes on an entire different complexity and then you may get some hints of spice.
Overall: Well what can I say this is the official Bourbon of MySideOfTheBar. This is an excellent Whiskey and I enjoy it both neat and in a Manhattan as the price is very moderate.

Elijah Craig 12 Year OldElijah Craig
Price: $26.00
Color: Darker caramel color than either Four Roses or Cedar Ridge.
Nose: Much heavier and distinctive Bourbon smell which I relate to being 94 proof.
Taste: Very surprising as the taste does not reflect what you get from the nose. Very light taste with a slightly heavier finish, but still very smooth with still a sweet flavor, however more a gourmet chocolate sweet than a fruity sweet.

Cedar Ridge Iowa Bourbon Cedar Ridge
Price: $35.00
Color: Very light caramel color similar to Four Roses.
Nose: Very sweet on the nose almost like a candy sweet similar to a chocolate covered fruit. More apple than cherry.
Taste: Very, very smooth and you do enjoy a very sweet taste on the tongue and very smooth sweet finish. Definitely a sipping Whiskey and also great in Manhattans, however for the price I would reserve for enjoying neat.

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