Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Quick Hits

Wolverine, Oriental Food and the Queen.  Yep, it’s time for this and many more with our Monday Quick Hits.

In our first article, we learn that sitting and being lazy can be as bad as smoking.  Given that 99% of us spend our days in front of computers…..I predict the world is going to end in 2012.  Wait, someone else already predicted that?  Then 2014.  Seriously, what ISN’T good for us?  Every time I wake up, there is something new.

smoking_weight_lossBut since we have established that sitting is bad for you, at least we know learn when nicotine helps you loose weight.  New research published in Science today shows what's going on in the brain when smoking makes you less hungry. There are nicotine receptors all throughout your brain, but the ones in the hypothalamus affect hunger. Researchers discovered that the α3β4 nicotinic receptor, located on neurons in the hypothalamus, suppresses your appetite when activated by smoking.

Changing gears a little bit, how about TGI Friday’s allowing you “Buy a Friend a beer” via Facebook?  Recipients receive an electronic gift card to redeem in restaurant and priced at $5, regardless of the recipient's regional location, and is redeemable for any beer of choice, non-alcoholic beverage or food item at any local TGI Friday's, claims the company. image

The guests redeeming an e-gift card can also choose from the following, new regional craft beer selections which includes (availability varies by state): Harpoon IPA, Magic Hat #9, New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale, and Goose Island Honkers Ale.  They can also choose from Abita Amber, Alaskan IPA (Alaska only), Boulevard Wheat, and Uinta Cutthroat Ale (Utah only.).

Personally, I see this as a marketing ploy and an attempt to cash in on the Gift Card Craze, which has already shown to be a Bad Idea.  If I want to buy you a drink (see, already I am not restricted to beer), you and I can meet up and pour a few down our throats.  I don’t want to be painted into a corner with crappy beer or into a particular bar. 

Of course, then we might get a DUI driving home…..if so, I was hoping to get THIS Judge, that is until he was busted too.  Come on dude….you are a DUI judge….one would think you knew the ramifications.

Since we don’t want to get a DUI now and TGIF is off the radar, here is another list to pay attention too when it comes to beer…..the World’s Most Expensive Cities.  I’ve take the liberty to remove all the BS, but you can follow the link if you are interested.  Instead, I only have the beer prices here-

No. 1: Tokyo 
Beer at a bar: $10.56
No. 2: Oslo
Beer at a bar: $13.18
No. 3: Nagoya, Japan
Beer at a bar: $11.37
No. 4: Stavanger, Norway
Beer at a bar: $12.83
No. 5: Yokohama, Japan
Beer at a bar: $6.59
No. 6: Zurich
Beer at a bar: $10.54
No. 7: Luanda, Angola
Beer at a bar: $6.62
No. 8: Geneva
Beer at a bar: $9.12
No. 9: Kobe, Japan
Beer at a bar: $8.69
No. 10: Bern, Switzerland
Beer at a bar: $7.46

I’m glad to say there isn’t an American City on there.  I was surprised to see the Swiss cities though.  I’ve been to both and I don’t recall beer being that expensive there.

How about the Queen of England?  We’ve blogged here in the past regarding her disdain for Beer (Here and Here), and we’ve even highlighted her favorite drink – a Gin and Dubonnet, but we’ve never had a picture of her with one….until now.  It’s on the railing to the left.


I’ve never tried this drink (and it is not on my radar), but apparently it is a favorite for the Queen Mum too….who’s note requesting the drink brought in £16,000 at auction.  Who knew they liked a nip in the morning?


Finally, the last one is for my wife…..who’s current addiction is watching the Bachelorette.  This season, the founder of Evolve Wines, Benjamin Flajnik, is on the the show and Debi thinks he will be one of the finalists.  Haven’t tried his wine, but maybe I will do a themed dinner for her if he makes it to the end.

That’s all for now.  Stay tuned as I get caught up this week posting some reviews.  Some GREAT stuff coming.

Cheers-  E

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