Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ever wonder how the “other half” live?

Here are a few interesting excerpts from the book “We Are Amused: A Royal Miscellany” by Brian Hoey, published by JR Books.  The book details some of the quirks of the British Royal Family, but it wouldn’t be mentioned on S&B if there weren’t a few interesting nuggets:

  • The Queen’s favorite drink is gin and Dubonnet (two-thirds gin to one-third Dubonnet) with ice added. But she doesn’t like the sound of ice cubes banging against each other, so Philip invented a clever device that turns them into tiny ice balls that rub gently together.
  • When dining together, the Queen and Philip drink sweet German wine. He also enjoys a glass or two of Double ­Diamond beer (which, although it hasn’t been on sale to the public for years, is still available to the Ind Coop brewery’s royal fan).
  • Princess Anne is teetotal — drinking orange juice or Coke at state functions.
  • Charles prefers fish to meat. ­Nothing containing nuts is allowed on his table and he doesn’t care for chocolate puddings.
  • As for her cuppa, the Queen likes a special blend made by R. Twining & Company with milk but no sugar; she uses a sweetener instead. Her husband prefers coffee, made by the Savoy Hotel coffee department.

Who knew the Queen was a gin person.  I’ll have to ask Simon if she had a flask of Beefeaters when we saw her in London Winking smile


  1. Hi, can you tell me if it is the same Snake Wine ?

    And do you know where to buy bottles with spyders or other animals/insects ?

    Thanks for help.

  2. @Collector - The site looks the same, but in today's age, anyone can copy anything. I will say the picutres are exact, and that the bottle looks the same as well.

    Please refer to my threads on HERE ( )for facts and actual pictures.


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