Monday, November 8, 2010

3rd sign of the Apocalypse

I never thought I would come to say this, but today I am defending Miley Cyrus.

I know I know…everyone is asking themselves two questions-

1. How do I know about Miley Cyrus?

2. Why would I defend her?

Both are relatively easy to answer.  The first is due to James.  Being eight, I have been teasing him that he either has a crush on her or is getting Hanna Montana toys for Christmas/Birthday for almost 5 years (since he was old enough to know better).  That’s what Dad’s do….we find something to give our kids crap about Smile

The second is just as easy to answer….because I am defending her right to have a drink. 

You see, Miley is 17.  While a hearty debate could be had if she should or shouldn’t be allowed to drink in the US, this is not the issue.  Instead, she had her picture taken drinking a Corona in Spain…a country that basically has no drinking age.  Since she is a celebrity, entire the International Institute of Alcohol Awareness.

1105_miley_cyrus_Splash_EX2bAs reported on TMZ -The International Institute of Alcohol Awareness is complaining that Miley Cyrus put herself and others at risk this week by indulging in that ice cold Corona at a nightclub in Spain.

Even though officials in Spain told us 17-year-old Miley didn't break any laws ... the head of the International Institute for Alcohol Awareness, James E. Copple, is concerned other young people will follow her lead and engage in "risky behavior associated with underage alcohol consumption."
Copple tells us, "The young people that see her as a role model could mimic the same behavior and as a consequence will go out and become intoxicated, putting their safety at risk."
Copple noted ... according to his organization, "85% of young people who drink, drink to get intoxicated."

So basically, the IIoAA wants to mandate their form or morality, utilize Miley’s “slip-up” to promote their own personal agenda and to finally use publicity to force her into a very public apology (wait for it) that they can trump out in front to show they were “Right”.

I don’t use profanity that much on my blog….but in this case FUCK THEM.

First, she broke no law.  She was legally drinking I a country that finds it ok to socialize and drink.  Having lived my impressionable years in Germany…..I know I drank quite a bit before I was 21, and that didn’t affect me (wait, I write a blog about Smoking and Drinking…scratch that).

Secondly, Celebrities are NOT role-models.  They are people like you and me, who have been thrust into positions/jobs that they make tons of money.  Are you telling me that if you were made that kinda payolla you wouldn’t indulge too?  Get real.  If this is such a big deal, then why are they not going after P-Diddy for Ciroc?  As an entertainer who has an influence on the Black Youth of America (and Youth of the world), shouldn’t he be targeted too?  Long time readers here know that I don’t like his vodka (Here), his marketing (HERE) or his videos (HERE)….but at no point have I stated he was a role-model and should be targeted for his business or personal life. 

Finally the way the IIoAA operates.  Kids do not go to Mr. James E. Copple’s website (apparently the only person that works for the IIoAA) and check the latest news on Alcohol Awareness.  Instead, these sites are visited by Teachers or Clergy who want to trump out stories in front of kids from an authentic sounding source.  Personally, after checking Mr. Copple’s credentials…..I don’t think he is qualified to find his way out of a wet paper bag, let alone providing any advice on drinking.  Instead, he wants to hide behind the title of his organization and use it as a soapbox for morality.  In fact, 2,500+ site are quoting this guy on this case alone.

To me, the hypocrisy is that “Mr. Diddy” sold between $100-$200 Million in records in 4 years (93-97).  He is one of the more influential hip-hop stars in Music and he has become a successful businessman to boot.  So why is it, there are no stories about him on the IIoAA site?  Why are they not screaming that he drop his product line or to stop promoting it with his image?  I’ll tell you why, because Mr. Puff Daddy has an established clientele and they could care less about the IIoAA.  Puff would lavish in the additional publicity and probably make a video jab at the IIoAA.   Meanwhile, Miley is in her swansong years.  Her popularity is starting to wane.  Therefore she will make at some point a public apology (thus giving credit to the IIoAA) in an attempt to maintain good publicity just a little bit longer.  Personally, I think she should do what she wants, cut ties with Disney and enjoy life.  She could learn a lot from Emma Watson (who also liked Corona, but has really got her life on track to succeed)

In the end, as long as the media needs a source to sensationalize a story (and make sales), organizations like the IIoAA will be right there to provide for them. 

Nice strong-arm tactic there bud.

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