Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More on the Marines

Hey….I’ve said it several times before- “It’s MY blog, and I will post want I want too”.  So to further celebrate the birthday of the USMC, here is a video and a news story-

First a Birthday Message -

Secondly, a story-

Marine who pulled local Marine's body from ambush may be first living Marine in a generation to receive medal of honor



Dakota Meyer may be the first living Marine to receive the Medal of Honor in a generation.
In September last year, while in Afghanistan, Corporal Meyer went into a kill-zone to pull out the bodies of four soldiers to bring their bodies back to their families.
One of those fallen Marines was Michael Johnson of Virginia Beach. His father, Robert, found out last night.

He says, "I feel like Dakota deserves this and I felt like it's been a long time coming."
The Marine Corps has recommended Meyer for the Medal of Honor.
He and his fellow Marines were greatly outnumbered with 150 insurgents firing on them. But Meyer selflessly went into the storm of enemy bullets raining down so the Johnson family would get to properly bury their son.
"We owe him a tremendous debt. He brought our boys back. He brought his brothers back," Robert says.
Meyer was interviewed by the Marine Times, showing he's as humble as he is courageous.
He said, "I feel like the furthest thing from a hero. I feel like I let my guys down because I didn't bring them home alive."
However, Robert says, "They're all like that you know? They're just platoons and platoons like that will lay down their lives for one another.
Seven other military members have been awarded the Medal of Honor since the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq began. But Meyer would be the first to live to receive the honor.

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