Friday, November 5, 2010

Random Amsterdam Pics


I wanted to include some Smokes and Booze related pictures from Amsterdam.  These are just random pictures and have nothing to do with the reviews of places (such as FIRST BAR REVIEW, THE HEINEKIN EXPERIENCE, BOLS or THE ICE BAR), but just some neat stuff we saw in the city.

Feel free to check these out and click to embiggen.


Here are some cool beer and distillation stained glass windows-

Window 2Window 1


DebiThe next shots are some of the people I was with.  The first is a shop we found while looking for “Sumo Sushi and Grill”, an all you can eat sushi place (where I ate 40 pieces for breakfast).  How could I pass up a picture of my lovely wife Debi and the Lampshade Horse?  What I thought was cool, not only does the horse have a lampshade on his head (I think all horses should), is that he is 1/2 in and 1/2 out of the shop.

ShoeSo what happens when you have a group of people running around Amsterdam looking for a place to eat?  If you say that you stumble upon a huge wooden shoe, then you win a prize.  Here I am with Anthony mugging for the camera.  I think Debi has a better shot of this, if I find it…I will post.



….I don’t’ even want to know what Simon is up to here. 









Heiniken XColdI bet you are wondering what the most overhyped thing in Amsterdam was….well here ya go – Heineken Extra Cold.  Basically you are getting Heineken as cold as you would get it anywhere in the US.  All marketing and no delivery.


Vodka 1Here is another “Dead F&#K” …the Vodka Museum.  This dump should not be confused with the Amsterdam Vodka Museum .  Instead, this is basically a store (not much of a museum) that has unique vodka imports and specialty bottles.  There is no Air Conditioning and the place was sweltering.  Considering how much Debi loves Vodka, I thought we would be in there for hours, instead….15 min Machine Gunlater and we were out the door.  I can save you the time and show you the best thing in the place……The Machine Gun Bottle Set.

Greatly overpriced, it is still cool…..just not $250 cool.  By Red Army Vodka, I’m sure you could find this product somewhere on the internet much cheaper.



How could we pass up a bar named Getto?  Well, if we would have seen the Rainbow flag outside….we might have skipped it, but then I wouldn’t have gotten to try Jupiler Beer, “The Most Popular Beer in Belgium”. Jupiler is a 5% beer on par with Stella Artois.  It didn’t jump out at me, but it didn’t make me sick either… that is a plus.  The Barman here was really nice, and the lifestyle choices of the clientele was not up in your face…so if you were not paying attention, you wouldn’t notice.  It felt good to be in a place of open-mindedness and tolerance for a change….very relaxing.

Finally, every trip has an inside joke….and here was one of ours

Free Adam

Hope you enjoyed and please check back for other pics and stories from “The Trip”

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