Friday, September 24, 2010

When Maß attack

Man, this story hits home (almost literally) on so many levels.

When Glenn sent it over, it immediately brought back a memory of a fest I was at in Augsburg, where an Lt friend of mine just walked into the tent.  Someone had thrown a Krug and it hit a girl, rupturing her eye.  The Polizie showed up, and for some reason (to this day, I still don’t know why), they blamed him. 

Here he was, surrounded by his friends and cops picked him….the only sober one in the bunch.  It took a LOT of talking before he was “cleared”, and it showed how dangerous it can be in a fest tent late at night.

I also recall an attempt at plastic mugs at fests, one was even inflatable…..and that didn’t work either.  Nobody would buy them and the Germans laughed.

Finally, the picture……look at the heads on those beers.  Where is the quality control?  The beer is supposed to be above the dimples to the head line.  I was with Connie and Mike one time at Oktoberfest and Mike sent his back….refusing to pay.  The beerwench was furious and called over the cops.  One look at the “Schaum” and he shook his head and sided with us.  The only time I like the Polizie in Germany.

Enjoy the read -

Photo: DPA

This year’s 200th anniversary Oktoberfest has proved to be rowdier than previous years, officials said this week, citing a jump in the use of the festival’s famous large beer mugs as weapons.

Revellers at the beer festival resorted to hitting each other with the one-litre glass beer mugs, known as Maßkrüge, 15 times in the first five days alone, compared to nine in the same time period last year, Munich police reported.
The initial cause of most tankard attacks often remains unclear, police spokesperson Peter Beck said.
“One of the reasons is an excess of alcohol consumption,” he added, explaining that this often leads to conflicts.
But the suggestion to use safer plastic steins was vehemently rejected by organisers five years ago. Their argument? Drinking beer out of plastic cups is simply sacrilege and Bavarian beer requires a vessel befitting its status.

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