Thursday, September 23, 2010

He’s still Irish………

Seems like the British Press is all over the Irish Prime Minster Brian Cowen again. 

Brian CowenAs I blogged about HERE, everyone seems to be pointing out what a lush he is….but to me (and in his defence), I don’t get it…..he’s the IRISH PRIME MINISTER!!! Doesn’t he have an image to uphold?

Anyway, here is the LINK to another article focusing on his love of booze.  The highlights include:


  • Wednesdays are midweek ‘nights out’ as Thursday is not a Dáil day
  • Members of the public report seeing him slumped at hotel bar
  • One Budget night he went on a boozing binge into the early hours
  • Even as a student, he spent all his food money on ‘liquid lunch’
  • Also, there are some great pictures of him….so it is worth a gander just for that.


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