Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Ably sent over a story for the blog, and it fits nicely to another I was going to post today.

First, Alby’s “Oktoberfest all over the world”

This is a really interesting read that outlines the following facts pertaining to Oktoberfest

  • Was non-religious
  • Started as a royal horserace
  • The largest NON-German Oktoberfest
  • The largest American Oktoberfest
  • What Oktoberfest is like in a muslim country.

A very good article, Thanks Glenn.

This then ties to another Oktoberfest story I saw.

Bacteria to fight beer stench at Oktoberfest

It appears that Bavaria has voted in a smoking ban (I would NEVER have imagined this happening) and Oktoberfest is trying to impliment it this year (a year early).

What they are finding, is that the smoke covered the smell of “other inevitable odors at a beer festival that runs for nearly three weeks.” 

So what have they come up with to cover-up the stale beer, piss, trash smell of over 4 Million people?

A bacteria slurry called “Elbomex” that will be poured over the floorboards every night.  As an added bonus, only the Hofbrau tent is being advertised as using this…..the other two “Beir Zelts” are being kept secret until after the event….so it will be hit an miss if you get the full smell-o-vision result.

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  1. And the unfounded rumors that secondhand smoke is bad for your health continue to cause problems.

    Two years from now, they're going to find out that Elbomex causes colon cancer, and they'll somehow find a way to blame it on smokers. "We wouldn't have had to use this stuff if you hadn't gotten us used to not smelling our own filth!"


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