Friday, September 3, 2010

Blind Tasting (A Cigar Review Part 1)

Recently, I had an idea.  What if we gave someone a cigar without a band, and they had no preconceived notions of what kind of cigar they got.

Everyone has a different palette and sometimes those ideas affect how we taste the cigar, scotch or food we consume. 

So I shipped out 2 cigars to some friends, and out of 4, Randy over at MySideoftheBar was first to respond and provided a great write-up. 

Here we go.

    • Cigar: Smaller of the two, appeared to be a box Press
    • Tasted: Afternoon, Temp. 88, humidity low
    • Before Light:: Mellow Aroma
    • Good Wrap loose Packed
    • Very easy to light
    • First 1/3 – Mellow with a cinnamon taste or a spice
    • Second 1/3 – Still mellow and definitely a cinnamon spice flavor
    • Last 1/3 – Continued to be mellow with cinnamon notes.j
    • Tasted with a Jarlsburg Cheese, Olives, a light Vodka Drink and a Carmenere wine.
    • Overall Evaluation: This was a surprising cigar as my experience with box pressed cigars is limited and not all that favorable before this smoke. To me this is a great “appetizer” cigar or one you would smoke first in the day. It would also par great with an appetizer tray and a nice Rose’ or Blush wine. The cheese I tried it with was Jarlsberg, a light white cheese which made the taste of cigar smooth. You could also even have a sharp cheese and it would bring out even more flavors of the cigar in my opinion. When tasted with an Olive it brought out more of the spice in the cigar.

A very nice write-up indeed.  Great Job Randy.

So, what was the cigar that Randy sampled?

A 5 Vegas Classic Fifty Five (5.5x55) Box Pressed Cigar.

These can be found at for just $4 a stick (even cheaper if you pick up a box). 

This is a really easy and mild cigar that holds together well.  If you are a beginner cigar smoker or someone looking for some excellent priced cigars to fill your humidor, this is the one for you.

We have another review coming up… stay tuned for Part 2.

Smokem’ if you Gotm’

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  1. Just a quick follow up. I did indeed enjoy this cigar and will purchase them in the future as they are a Great Buy!



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