Monday, September 13, 2010

What a B*%#H

Meet Laura Lewis Brown, Contributing Writer for the Nashville NBC Affiliate.

Laura wants to call out her husband for his affair with a “Skinny Stinky Mistress” in a open forum.  You see, her husband’s affair? Smoking.

This isn’t something that apparently arose overnight.  In fact, her husband smoked before he met her (over 12 years ago).  He only “quit” (or so he says) when they started dating.  Throughout the years, Ms. Brown saw many tell tale signs, and she continued to nag her husband.  He doesn’t smoke around the kids (or her, by her own admittance), so the only person he is hurting is himself.  Yet, it appears Ms. Brown is a very controlling person….wanting her demands met.  So now she is dragging their personal life into the media as a form of Soap Opera, in attempt to shame him into quitting.  She has become Ahab and this is her White Whale. 

I’ll let you read the article HERE if you are so inclined, but I can summarize with “Bitchy Woman Drive Husband to Smoke”.

I just wish people would realize, some people smoke because the LIKE to.  Not everyone who smokes is a jonesing addict that needs a cigarette every 15 minutes.  At least her husband is being a responsible smoker (even though I don’t believe in the 2nd hand crap) and if that is his only vice, leave him to his peace.


  1. It seems like you're always hearing about some woman somewhere trying to mold her man into someone he's not. It's like they look at the guy and think, "I love him. We have a great relationship. If only he didn't have this little flaw..." and then they try and iron out that wrinkle.

    I don't want to generalize by saying all women do this, because I realize that wouldn't be a fair statement. But I just have to say that it's one of my biggest pet peeves. Women who do this need to get a freakin' hobby other than training/teaching/changing their men. Love him for who he is or leave him for who he is, but let him be who he is.

  2. And Jayro continues to become a solid contributor to S&B. Well said J...well said.


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